Hell Studios

What the Hell?

We’re into images. So-much-so, that no matter what your image needs are, you can be safe to assume that we’ve got your back. With world class production, photography and retouching services all under one sparkly new roof, your ‘big idea’ can get the legs it needs to make it one good-lookin’ shot.


With over 73 years experience producing (yes, we added it up to look impressive), we’ve learnt a thing or two about pulling together crazy feats to make a shoot happen. We have in-house producers that will make your shoot a) a breeze, and b) the smoothest, most successful shoot you’ve ever been on. If you’re lucky, we’ll feed you pretty well too.


This is where we really shine. Or… should we say shoot? We represent some of Australia’s foremost photographers (and an amazing DOP/Director too!), covering a bunch of different specialities. What they don’t know about ISO and f-stops isn’t worth knowing. Our state of the art studio space ensures we have all at hand for your shoot (especially what lies in our well stocked equipment room), plus a darn good cup of coffee.


Once the shutter has shut and the shots are all shot, we don’t stop. Our in-house retouchers are some of the best in the biz. They can put a techno-invisible suit of armour on a footballer. Or put your entire shoot underwater. If that’s a bit too extreme, they can also colour correct and finesse your images to your desired feel.

The Studio

We have a pretty awesome studio space. You might want to come check it out, have a coffee, a beer, or just hang out. Feel free to shoot us a brief so you can experience it for real.


The Team

We’ve got a kick-ass team that know how to do their jobs really, really well. See below.


Carlos Alcaide


Also known as “The Fiery Spaniard” or “Jose from the Hip”, Carlos is 100% all go. Always. We’re not sure he ever sleeps! With over 20 years experience in the business, Carlos has shot with world famous celebrities from the likes of Priscilla Presley to local hero Billy Slater. He doesn’t like talking about it, but we have heard he’s won a bunch of awards.

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Richard Dion Wilson

Post Production Manager

Richard has a technical degree in Photography from Queensland College of Art and has been working in Photoshop since version #1 (and that’s not CS1, kids!). When he’s not retouching, or working in the land of CGI, he’s busy honing his skills in areas such as 3D Illustration, Design, Pre-Press – all of which has become part of his exhaustive digital arsenal. A creative retoucher with a broad visual knowledge, Richie can basically do anything. Yep, believe it.

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Nicky Finlay

General Manager

A wealth of industry knowledge and a little attitude, this lady is our ‘go-to’ women for anything and everything. Originally from Adelaide, and having resided in London and Hong Kong, she’s worked at several multinationals including Clemenger, Publicis Mojo, Leo Burnett, McCann, and Sapient Nitro, before she ended up in our little corner of the world twenty years later. She knows everyone. It’s a little dangerous.

Lee Renfree

Business Development Manager

After many years of Agency life as a producer, a creative minder and an agency Mrs Fixit, Lee has sold her soul to Hell. As Business Development Manager she is using her very extensive network of people to fill the calendar by keeping the photographers jumping, shooting and making fabulous imagery. Lee loves nothing better than being thrown in to the deep-end.  Throw her a challenge and watch her make things happen.

Hollie Willis


Hailing from the quaint town of Napier NZ, where she often ate fush and chups on the ‘dick’ the wonderful Miss Willis has a can do attitude always delivered with a smile. Firstly she clawed her way up the production ranks at Grey ultimately producing TV and radio for their Melb and Syd offices. Then she decided to see a bit of the world with her hubby, before heading back to Melbourne where she was welcomed with open arms at the gates of Hell. You won’t meet a sweeter more dedicated producer… just don’t mention meeting Hailie!

Erin Thompson


Producing photography at Kmart for several years, and before that at Coles,  Erin learnt the patience and attention to detail needed to get through the day to day of commercial production. Erin’s specialty lies in wrangling the unwranglable, making magic happen, and ensuring everything has a label. Erin has been away till recently working on her skills at re-producing but is back with a vengeance and is already thinking outside the box.

Ryan Gill

Studio Manager/Assistant

Born in the bubbling crater of the Rino Parahi volcano in picturesque Takapuna, NZ, Ryan traversed the globe (moved to London) and then found himself calling Melbourne home some 10 years ago. With a background originally in design, he previously worked the agency circuit as a freelance gun-for-hire, but has now turned his attention to us in Hell as our newest recruit. You can’t miss him – he’s the tall good lookin’ one covered in ink!


Chris Daile


Chris has more than 20 years in the industry. He knows the ins and the outs, is across more of the detail than you probably are.  With a background originally in architecture he can capture a room set like no other. But don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s a one trick pony – the man has a way with animals, kids and food too. What a guy! Whatever you can throw at him, he can catch it (and juggle the camera too).

Tintin Hedberg


Tintin landed in Australia from Sweden a few years ago – and has been based in Melbourne, Sydney, and back in Melbourne again. She’s spent her life growing up on boats travelling the world – and if you ask her, she’ll claim til she’s black and blue that she was a pirate. Tintin’s now our go-to gal for all things fashion, having worked across some leading brands in Australia. She’s a keeper – insanely passionate, and just a little bit insane. (And yes, that really is her name).

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Tom Franks


Tom once was a Geotechnical Engineer who decided to switch it up and make the rather unusual transition into photography. He shoots quirky advertising orientated portraiture, lifestyle, and environmental portraits, and trust us – his engineering background makes everything he does so incredibly logically planned out he has been caught making miniature shoots with kitchen utensils before he’s out in the field. He’s also got a funny accent.

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Ryan Creevey


If it doesn’t breathe it’s fair game for our still life shooter. Finding his knack for lighting products in a London studio, there isn’t much this kid hasn’t had thrown in front of the camera. A bit like his character his work is bold, colourful & devilishly handsome (he made us write that last part). He’s usually spotted shining every light across every surface in the studio or swinging his steel sticks at a small white ball in nature, often referred to as golf.

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Gabrielle Hughes


Straight out of RMIT’s VE Photo Imaging course and into the clutches of Hell, Gabi has hit the ground running in her retouching career. No scratch or rogue piece of fluff will ever get past the all seeing eye of this one – her work sometimes makes us forget she’s only 24 (we don’t like being reminded). Just don’t bring up that you’ve never seen a Star Wars movie and you’ll get along with her just fine!

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Charlie Jackson


Charlie’s been working in the pre-press and design industry for 18 years, and has been a specialist creative retoucher for nine years. Based in Melbourne, before that in San Francisco, and now in Colorado – Charlie has worked for some of the world’s top agencies. He has worked on campaigns for Ford, Solo, Isuzu, Adidas and Apple, and likes slow-cooked BBQ’s, fly-fishing, trucks, and long walks on Thailand beaches.

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David Fajardo


There’s something about retouchers loving heavy rock music. Maybe it’s just the ones that we’ve met, but David is no exception. He specialises in striking fashion and beauty images, can lend his hand to branding, art direction, graphic design, and illustration, and has been doing so for the last decade or two.

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Jason Riddell


Jason is pretty well versed in all aspects of digital retouching, including 3D modelling, illustration and animation, and he’s been doing it since 1989. Ages. He thinks he pushes the envelope one pixel at a time, but by our calculations it would take forever to push the envelope anywhere across a screen or photoshop canvas. But – it means his attention to detail is pretty spot on, and he does a stellar job as a result.

Malcolm Stark


Malcolm has been retouching for the past 12 years, and is armed with a solid finished art background which began well before the introduction of Computer Generated Graphics (which was obviously an eon ago since no one calls it that anymore). With these skills he can find more efficient methods to produce the best possible outcomes. In the last 10 years Mal has focussed on building his skills in creative photographic retouching and Digital Illustration including 3D.